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Click here to see me perform a live escape that helped raise money for cancer.  Over $125,000 was raised to help with cancer research.

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Houdini's News Clippings and Pictures

Escape Artist, African American Escape Artist

 Houdini - 2016 -
Escaping from strait jacket.

Harry Houdini - 1920's -
Escaping from strait jacket.

Like Harry Houdini, I have performed strait jacket escapes,  bridge jumps (jumped from McArthur Causway Bridge-Miami FL), escaped from nailed coffins as well as from water tanks.

There are few escape artists in the country and I am the only African-American.

 (I told you I am a Bad Boy). 

If your city, organization or festival would like to book an escape contact Houdini's World at 404-488-0714


Harry Houdini - 1920's putting on  strait jacket

Last Minute Prayers

Houdini - 2016
putting on strait jacket

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