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Magic Castle, Black Magician

Houdini at
The Magic Castle

Houdini & Copperfield
Magic Live - Las Vegas

Los Angeles, CA

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Houdini's Friends

I have traveled across the country, from Los Angeles to Miami, entertaining audiences from every walk of life.

(from Hollywood - to the "Hood"). 

I have been in this game for years (so don't get it twisted).

Type of shows that are performed by Houdini:


This show includes mind readings, predictions and

close-up magic.  

 Parlor Magic

Magic performed in an intimate setting with 20-25 people.

Magic Classes for Kids

3 - 4 hour classes for kids to learn magic tricks, taught by Houdini.  These classes are designed to help kids become more comfortable with public speaking and to encourage confidence to display what they have learned on stage.

Strolling or Walk Around Magic

Magic performed for individual guest throughout your venue.

Stage Magic

Includes illusions, animals, audience participation and music.  Suitable for larger audiences.


This is the granddaddy of all Magic.  These shows are suitable for television, festivals or any large outdoor event. Please see the Escape Page for more details.


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